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Angler fishing in the fall

Bass Fishing During the Fall Transition

September 27, 2019
Cabela's Pro Staff member and professional tournament angler Dave Smith shares his techniques for bass fishing when the temperatures start to drop.   By Joe Arterburn Bass Fishing When the…
Winter time angler holding a trout

Fishing Spinners for Trout

August 11, 2019
The Simple In-Line Spinner is a Great Lure for Catching Trout By Scott Haugen, Cabela's Ambassador When it comes to catching rainbow trout from a river or lake, one of the best approaches is a lure…
Major League Fishing Pro James Watson standingon a boat with a largemouth bass

Watson’s Spoon Jacking Post-Spawn Fishing Rig and Tricks (video)

July 8, 2019
MLF Pro James Watson knows that one of the most effective baits to fish during the post-spawn is a floating worm. That said, the bite only lasts for a week before fish get even more hungry. This is…
Angler netting a giant catfish off the side of a boat

Catch Giant Catfish With These Proven Fishing Tips

June 11, 2019
7 Proven "Catching Catfish" Strategies Fishing for big catfish is gaining fans in droves as anglers realize the cats offer their best chance to catch a quarry in freshwater that weighs 20-75 pounds…
Fishing pro Randy Howell

Favorite Topwater Bass Fishing Lures the Pros Like

May 18, 2019
Primetime for topwater fishing is upon much of the bass fishing world. Who doesn’t love watching the brutality of nature at its finest as a bass tears a new one into your favorite topwater plug?…
Anglers with Amberjack catch

Catching the Amberjack Fishing Bonanza

April 30, 2019
If all you’ve ever fished is freshwater, you’ll have a quick reality adjustment once you hook into your first saltwater fish. Paul Michele, National Sales Manager Americas, has been targeting…
image credits: Jonathan VanDam Facebook Joe Branch

Jonathon VanDam: 4 Tips to Finding Ice Out Bass (video)

April 5, 2019
Once the ice finally thaws in Michigan, if Bassmaster Elite angler and NITRO Pro Team member Jonathon VanDam is home in Michigan, you can bet he’s going to trailer his NITRO Z21 to his favorite…
News & Tips: 15 Facts and Tips to Fishing a Variety of Fish in The Spring...

15 Facts and Tips to Fishing a Variety of Fish in The Spring

March 8, 2019
Catch a Mixed Bag of Fish Species With These Early Season Strategies Rare is the fishermen who focuses on one species alone to the exclusion of all others. Some anglers even add excitement to their…
News & Tips: A Primer on Pike—Lures and Tactics for Catching Northern Pike...

A Primer on Pike—Lures and Tactics for Catching Northern Pike

February 20, 2019
No fish in freshwater can match the ferocity and gluttonous feeding habits of the great northern pike. There is plenty of good pike fishing in the U.S., but often the most spectacular fishing comes…
News & Tips: A Guide to Choosing a Fishing Light Attractor...

A Guide to Choosing a Fishing Light Attractor

February 20, 2019
Night fishing can be an exhilarating experience. It's a fun activity full of mystery and expectation. When will something take the bait? What will it be? Will I overcome it, or will it overcome me?…
News & Tips: This Simple Fishing Bait is One of the Most Versatile at Catching Fish...

This Simple Fishing Bait is One of the Most Versatile at Catching Fish

January 11, 2019
The humble grub is one of the simplest fishing baits ever invented. But it’s also one of the most versatile lures you can tie on your line. It will catch bass and a variety of other gamefish in…
News & Tips: The 3 Rods Every Bass Angler Should Own...

The 3 Rods Every Bass Angler Should Own

December 31, 2018
Peek into Bassmaster Classic Fishing Champion Chris Lane’s rod locker prior to derby day, and you’re likely to find a dozen or so Bass Pro Shops CarbonLite fishing rods and matching CarbonLite reels…