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Hunter setting up game camera

Trail Camera Tips with Mark Peterson (video)

4 Things to Always Remember When Scouting With Trail Cameras 1. Camera Direction Trail cameras can be very sensitive to sunlight making the camera direction key. Always try and avoid placing the…
Plant shrubs for food plots

Five Best Shrubs to Improve Your Deer Property

Shrubs can help improve food plots and enhance deer habitat Every deer hunter today knows the value of food plots. But there are plenty of other projects you can do to attract deer, turkey and other…
Hunter butchering deer meat

Hunter's harvest - The 5 Processing Tools You Need

Cabela's Ambassador Jim Shockey clues you in to the one thing he's never without on a hunt. Taking an animal from the field to the freezer is a big task, but one that’s easily doable for the DIY…
European Mount Whitetail Skull

DIY Euro Mount

Mountain Mikes Bone Collector KitYour preparation, stealth and marksmanship have culminated in a freezer full of meat and an abundance of memories, both of which you want to enjoy to the fullest. The…
Whitetail Rifle Hunting Gear

Essential Gear for a Whitetail Rifle Hunt

There are some pieces of gear that you just cannot hunt without. The author walks through his favorite gear and explains why he considers them essentials for a whitetail rifle hunt. By Mat Brost…
Fred Eichler Field Dressing a Deer

The Gutless Approach to Field Dressing Deer

The cleanest field dressing method There are many ways to field dress a deer, but my favorite is what I call the gutless method. This approach is very clean and leaves the guts inside the body…
Hunter field dressing a deer

How To Field Dress A Deer

Use our step-by-step guide to simplify field dressing Most people who go hunting are thinking, “I can’t wait to get my hands on my deer,” not “I can’t wait to gut my deer.” While field dressing is…
Buck standing in the woods

Top 7 Hunting Apps

As an avid hunter, chances are you enjoy the remoteness and quiet of the wild on your hunting trips. Even though you might look forward to your trips to disconnect from technology, you should…

Preseason Archery Practice

Preseason practice improves your chances of a successful hunt By Wade Middleton I’ve seen it time and time again: that moment of truth when a buck or a doe walks into bow range and the hunter…

Tips on Springtime Shed Hunting

By Tom Nelson The still frozen ground crunched beneath my feet as I walked yet another heavily used deer trail beat down with hoofed tracks. The early March weather was typical for Michigan with the…