Fishing Tackle

Wacky worm rigged on a drop-shot weight

How to Rig a Wacky-Rigger Worm on a Drop Shot

Make rigging a Wacky Stik-O worm easy in these 3 easy steps.   At Bass Pro Shops, we have a rig for every fishing situation and every skill level. Whether you're fishing shallow or deep, in warm…

Trolling Rod and Reel Buyer's Guide

Trolling rods and reels are specialized pieces of gear, designed specifically for this technically oriented tactic used for almost every species of fish. Learn the differences in various designs and…

Casting Reel Buyer's Guide

This is a finely tuned instrument. When played the right way, we can become pied pipers, leading fish to strike our presentations.   Baitcasting reels are mounted on the top of the fishing rod and…
Bass with crankbait in mouth

Dependable Early Spring Crankbaits for All Game Fish (video)

In March, April, and May, game fish of all species move out of deep holes into shallow water, setting the stage for some of the best sport fishing of the year. Few fishing lures can hold a candle to…
Springtime Crappie From The Reeds

Spinning Rod Buyer's Guide

Spinning reels are a preferred method of fishing for many anglers, with ease of casting, lack of backlashes and easily replaceable spools being some of their preferred advantages. While spinning…

Fish Hook Buyer's Guide

Early fishhooks were crafted from bone or sharp shells, and then, as metals were discovered and designs refined, the modern hook began its evolution into the multitude of offerings available today.…
News & Tips: A Guide to Choosing Baitcast Reels

A Guide to Choosing Baitcast Reels

Many anglers shy away from baitcast reels due to some common fears. Hearing the dreaded term "bird nest" evokes a reluctance to give these reels a fair shake. Misconceptions that they are "difficult…

Planer Board Buyer's Guide

Planer boards and in-line planers are ingenious devises that help anglers cover more water and get lures away from the boat and in front of fish that aren’t spooked. Full-sized planer boards are…

Fishing Weight Buyer's Guide

Once feeding fish are located, the challenge facing all anglers is getting the intended bait down to the exact depth where the targeted fish are holding. That’s an engineering challenge that can be…

Downrigger Buyer's Guide

Downriggers are the ultimate method for targeting deep fish with a precise presentation. When fish run deep either looking for comfortable thermoclines or targeting schools of baitfish you have no…

Lead Core Line Buyer's Guide

It’s ironic that lead-core line has become all the rage for big-lake trout and salmon fishing. The line has been around since before the invention of downriggers. But anglers are rediscovering how…

Fishing Spinning Reel Buyer's Guide

Spinning reels are a favorite of both serious and casual anglers, popular for both their ease of use and flexibility. If you’re wondering what features are the most important to consider when…