Parson's Tip: Baits That Attract More Fish to Your Ice Fishing Hole

News & Tips: Parson's Tip: Baits That Attract More Fish to Your Ice Fishing Hole...

Selecting a lure with good action when you are ice fishing for walleyes can help you attract more fish to the hole and ultimately get more bites. Glide baits, like the Moonshine Lures Shiver Minnow, will jump to the side of the hole a foot or more as you lift it. This is different than most baits used for ice fishing, which tend to move vertically. As this bait turns around to come back, the change in direction will often trigger a bite. The #2 is a good size to start with.

moonshine minnow
Mooneshine Shiver Minnow is a great choice when ice fishing for walleyes.

Other baits that jump to the side of the hole as you lift up with your rod are the ACME Sidewinder, VMC Tingler Spoon and KenKatch Slim Slam. These are all thin metal spoons that have a horizontal swing.

While aggressive jigging can help fish sense that there is food in the area, they also need to be able to see your bait.

The color of the bait I choose depends on the conditions. Metallics are always a favorite, as they give off a "flash" that can easily catch the attention of the walleye.

In low-light conditions, bright colors work well. Firetiger is one of my go-to patterns. Baits that glow in the dark also work really well, including those that have a color on one side and glow on the other, as they will appear to be flickering as they fall through the water.

You will want to use a short length, medium action rod to get good hook sets when using these lures.

For line, I use 8lb Berkley Nanofil fishing line because it is a no-stretch line that is very sensitive. This is tied to an 8lb Berkley 100% Fluorocarbon leader. This combination will increase your chance of a good hook-up and a successful day on the ice!