How to Clean a Pheasant in 10 Easy Steps

Ten easy steps that are simple, efficient and fast at cleaning upland birds and stay legal at the same time .

1. You'll want to pick up a pair of good game shears, Shop for the Camillus Game Shear Multi Tool here

2. Cut off the bird's wings close to the body

3. Cut off one leg (one leg remains for legal proof of ***)

4. Cut of the tail including the *** vent

5. Make a snip in the skin at the abdomen

6. Peel off skin (with feathers attached) down the body to the head

7. Cross cut through the backbone behind the wings

8. Cut parallel to backbone on each side up through front of the birds breast

9. Open the bird and remove head and neck with most of the entrails attached

10. Clean up any remaining entrails by pulling out with tips of the shears

Finally, folding the remaining leg backwards and insert the cleaned bird into a zipper top plastic bag

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