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how to cook stuffed venison backstrap

Stuffed Venison Backstrap by Daniel Mallete

January 5, 2024
Stuffed Venison Backstrap By Daniel Mallete Looking for another way to enjoy your backstrap? Try stuffing it full of cream cheese, your favorite vegetables, and wrap it all up in…
plate shredded pork butt

Cabela's Pellet Grill Pulled Pork

May 15, 2023
Ingredients: 1 pork butt, 8-10 pounds or so. Rub Sauce, optional Grilling Hardware: Cabela's Pro Series 36" Wi-Fi Pellet Grill Grilling Tongs Meat Claws Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Preferred…
applying seasoning to grilled corn

Cabela's Pellet Grill Corn on the Cob: Two Ways

May 15, 2023
Below are two of our favorite takes on pellet grill corn on the cob. Traditional grilled corn is a great addition to your grilling spread, when you are cooking burgers, steaks or sausage on medium to…
Cabela's Pellet Grill Brisket

Cabela's Pellet Grill Brisket

May 12, 2023
Ingredients: 1 whole, trimmed packer brisket. 11-15 pounds. Cabela's Seasoning: SPG Grilling Hardware: Cabela's Pro Series 36" Wi-Fi Pellet Grill Grilling Tongs Preferred Pellet Options:…
beer can chicken with ingredients

Cabela's Pellet Grill Beer Can Chicken

May 12, 2023
Grilling Hardware Cabela's Pro Series 36" Wi-Fi Pellet Grill Sauce Brush Meat Probe—included with Cabela's Pellet Grill Beer can chicken mount Ingredients: Whole chicken (you make as many…
Salmon grilled on a cedar plank

Cedar Plank Salmon Recipe

February 15, 2023
Add Smoky Flavor to Your Fish by Cooking Fillets on Wood Planks on the Grill Recipe Ingredients for Cedar Plank Salmon 1 orange, sliced 1 lemon, sliced 1 fish fillet Cabela's Open Season Salmon/…
Plate of stuffed venison backstrap

Stuffed Venison Backstrap

February 15, 2023
A Delicious Recipe for a Stuffed Venison Backstrap Hannah McCauley of Whitetail Heaven Outfitters demonstrates how to make a delicious stuffed venison backstrap. Hannah uses the Speedy Plus Instant…
Chile-Stuffed Elk Roulades

Chile-Stuffed Elk Roulades Recipe

February 15, 2023
Fresh green chiles and a little mesquite smoke add a Southwestern touch to an otherwise classic recipe of rolled venison steaks. Elk meat never tasted so good! Stuffed Elk Steak Ingredients: 2 elk…
Beef brisket wiith Cabela's BBQ sauce

Cabela's Pellet Grill Beef Brisket Recipe

February 15, 2023
3 Easy Ingredients for Grilled Beef Brisket Whether cooking slabs, slices, or steaks, you can't go wrong covering them with the delicious flavor of the Cabela’s Competition BBQ Rub. And, if you're…
Grilled salmon with dijon crust

Crispy Dijon Grilled Salmon Recipe

February 15, 2023
This salmon fillet recipe has converted “non-salmon eaters” into salmon lovers. The crunchy and flavorful topping makes it the best and not fishy at all! Prep Time: 20-30 minutes,   Cook Time: 20…
Red, yellow & green peppers with duck stuffing

Duck Stuffed Bell Peppers Recipe

February 15, 2023
Bell peppers are great for stuffing meat, rice, and, of course, cheese. Check out this delicious Philly-Asia fusion of flavors coming together in this cheesesteak-inspired duck dish recipe.  Prep…
Bourbon Glazed Salmon on tin foil

Bourbon Glazed Salmon Recipe

February 15, 2023
Sweet with a bourbon kick, this simple, four-ingredient glaze is perfect for our grilled salmon. Prep Time: 15 minutes + 1 hour,  Cook Time: 15 minutes,  Servings: 4 Bourbon Glazed Salmon Recipe…